Saturday, March 08, 2008

Japan Hour

Little wonder how one doesn't put onn weight on return from Japan right?

Simple udon meal and the world's best pork ramen in Osaka!

S$30/box strawberries (monsters) and fried food in Osaka

Someone say wagyu beef! DROOOOLLLLLLLL

Fresh out of the pond and the grill

Snails (not escargot!)

World's hottest chilli and freshest fish

Otoro and scallop sushi (yes, it's as good as it looks)

Changkol Nabe (stuff eaten by Sumos) and lobster sashimi during dinner

And ladies and gentlemen, for clarity sakes:

Ebi Sashimi

Lobster sashimi, bbq-ed Alaskan King Crab, Ebi Sashimi, Salmon Head, Yakitori etc etc
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