Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Food food food in Hong Kong

The ultimate paradise for 'em foodies. There is so much to eat here in Hong Kong and needless to say, the quality is top notch.

Famous "Zha Leong" (Fritter wrapped with flour skin) and fresh mango with bean curd dou hua from Tang Chao 唐朝 Tsim Sha Tsui

2 different versions of the mango sago with pomelo. First version from 唐朝 and other from the infamous "Xu Liu Shan" 许留山 dessert shop (can be found everywhere including the airport). Version 2 comes with mango ice cream

Hashimar with red dates from 许留山 and Honeydew Sago from 唐朝

Mango Pudding and typical breakfast from the Cha Chan Teng 茶餐厅

Curry Pork Chop and Curry Fritters from UCC Vienna @ New World City (next to Intercontinental Hotel)

Uber refreshing soda float and the requisite drink to cap the night
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