We're just two regular gals, with a love of travel. We hope you'll enjoy reading our travellogues as much as we had (or didn't have) fun on our trips around the globe!

About Lynne
An Excel monkey by occupation, Lynne is a travel junkie and foodie.  Always in pursuit of good food, affordable lodging and adventure in the next great travel destination, her travel philosophy is simple; maximize your dollar while achieving the most comfortable and fulfilling trip. Having trawled through travel blogs looking for opinions of restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations, she came to realize the lack there of details when she needed to plan for her itineraries. So here she provides the information, but it is up to YOU to decide what is best for your trip! As music and food are her passion, you will be seeing a lot of these as well.

Follow her as she takes you through the urban and rural landscapes!

About Dawn
The geek hamster running the wheel behind this site, Dawn is a vagobond-wannabe who feels more at home overseas than she does on this sunny island set in the sea.  Currently, she is still stuck in the daily grind of the mindless rat race, but when time and finances allow, you'll find her off on another adventure in some other part of the world!  Although her travels began as leisurely-type holidays around 2006, visits to less developed nations and a climbing expedition in recent years have made a significant impact on Dawn's outlook in life and travel.

Her preferred nature of travel is budget travel geared towards that which is off the beaten track and that which would allow you to experience life as the average local.  Her travel philosophy is as they say, to "Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints".