Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chow time in Sydney

Sydney being such a cosmopolitan city really offers a plethora of food choices; anything from Michelin starred restaurants to celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver (Jamie's Italian) and the simpler, fuss-free road side meals.

Pancake on the Rocks (open 24h) with its delicious pancakes and Belgian Chocolate Praline from the Guylian Chocolate Cafe 

Mee Goreng and Nasi Lemak from Mamak Haymarket. This outlet opens at 530pm but has a snaking queue as early as 445pm. A plain prata costs AU$5.50 which is ridiculous by Singaporean standards (S$1 per piece?!)

Small portion of sirloin and rack of ribs from Hurricane's Bondi (best place in Sydney for ribs). Reservation is a MUST.

Bill's Surry Hills all Australian breakfast. This place makes the best organic scrambled eggs in my opinion. Sour dough bread just tops it off.

Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills. Known for its croissants, lemon curd tarts and other sweet pastries. Seats are limited so be prepared to wait.


Sydney Fish Market produce; Fresh oysters with cheese, calamari rings, fish & chips, salmon sashimi and not pictured here is 1 huge cheesy scallop that was mouth-watering good

Coffee art and a soft waffle with maple syrup in Katoomba True to the Bean on the Blue Mountains

Probably the hidden gem in Maroubra; Chris's Pizzeria as featured on Tripadvisor. This Italian hand made pizza is simply out of this world.

Not pictured in this post (because the food went down too quickly before pictures were taken) are the hotdogs and pies from Harry's Cafe de Wheels (try the Harry's special) and a Korean restaurant known as Boom Bi Na Korean & Japanese Restaurant in the CBD district (great sides and all refillable).
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