Monday, December 26, 2011

Eating across Taiwan 吃遍台湾

Strawberry marshmallows and freshly baked bread at 台北火车站

Beancurd with peanuts and Bee Tai Mak 米台幕 with peanuts (cold) at 台北火车站

Guo Tie 锅贴 and minced meat at 台北火车站 during lunch

Nian Gao 年糕 and Tofu soup at 台北火车站

*There are lots of food options at the Taipei Train Station since it's been newly renovated. Do take your time to walk about and check out the variety.

Ah Zhong Mian Xian - oyster noodles from Ximending 西门町

Mini donuts from Mister Donut

Braised rice with meat 卤肉饭 and simple steamed tofu from Lao Hu Xu 老胡须 outside Wufenpu 五分谱

Grilled squid and smelly tofu (doesn't smell that bad, honestly) at Danshui 淡水

Candied strawberries 冰糖葫芦 and hotdog wrap 大肠包小肠 at Danshui 淡水

Ah Gei 阿给 fishballs and meat wrapped with beancurd skin at Danshui 淡水

Glutinous rice with intestines 糯米肠饭 at Danshui 淡水

Cold braised chicken innards and red bean ice cream at YiZhongJie Taichung 台中

More braised rice and oyster omelette at FengJia Night Market Taichung 台中

Coffee Alley in Taipei

More Coffee Alley goodness

Sandwiches from Coffee Alley

Salted caramel waffle with vanilla ice cream from Coffee Alley

Meat ball and assorted fishballs at JiuFen, Keelung 九份

弹珠汽水 soda water and 芋圆 yam balls at JiuFen, Keelung 九份

Steamed cabbage and wanton soup at Tea Chapter in Taipei

Soup dumplings 小龙包 and fried dumplings 锅贴 at Tea Chapter in Taipei

Dessert time at Tea Chapter and Paul's in Taipei
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