Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend trip idea: Beach bars in Singapore

It's hot out, you want some sun but with an ambient setting. Look no further than the beach bars on Sentosa, Singapore.

Sentosa now has many beach-front dining venues which include Coastes, the Bikini Bar, Café del Mar, Azzura Beach Club and Tanjong Beach Club (of which Cafe del Mar, Azzura and Tanjong Beach Club have pools). Wave House Sentosa is also where you can go for some surfing fun.

Getting into Sentosa
  • Monorail - entry is at the 3rd level of VivoCity and per trip ticket will cost $3 for an adult. It tends to get crowded on weekends so expect to wait up to 45mins. Monorail will take you in to Resort World Singapore and the Beach Station
  • Bus - buses can be found all around VivoCity so do check which bus you can take on the Internet. Per ride should set you back $1.50-$2
  • Car/taxi - Entry per car is $7 and taxi should be slightly cheaper

Café del Mar
Food: Crowned as 1 of 2010's Best Restaurants, the quality of food here is equivalent to the price you're paying for.

Chicken Aglio Olio and Fettucine Champignon @ Café del Mar, Sentosa

Service: The staff is generally all pre-pubescent in their white garb and shuffle their feet around. Nonetheless, staff are polite and service is generally acceptable.
Price: Arguably, CDM isn't the cheapest of the beach bars along Siloso Beach. Check out the menu for the pricing. Expect to spend $30 per pax min.
Ambiance: Mainly expat crowd with some locals and ambiant club music. Pool and beach umbrellas available.

Food: Serves up pretty standard American fare with pizza, fries and burgers
Service: Generally good service with friendly staff who know their menu well
Price: Less costly than the other bars but expect to spend $15-20 per pax
Ambiance: Relaxed beach club feel with lots of whites and blues. Beach umbrellas are available.

Although I've personally not been to Azzura and the Wave House, Azzura is an up market beach bar that is reminisce of what you can find in Bali or Patong Beach. Mostly expats will be at Azzura and their impressive beach umbrellas must cost a bomb to rent. As for Wave House, surfing can be done here on a man-made barrel of water. There are various levels of difficulty and you do need to queue for your turn on the Barrel.

Cheaper alternatives
Lazing the entire day at 1 of these beach bars will actually set you back quite some money as you would have to constantly fuel yourself with their beers, alcohols and beverages. The alternative would be to bring your own beach mats and try to grab a shaded spot outside the bar areas. Bring your own snacks and drinks (better yet, bring a cooler if you have one). Once you manage to grab a good spot, you can enjoy the afternoon with music courtesy of the beach bars, free wireless WIFI and of course, the sun and breeze.

MacDs is just a stone throw away from the Beach Station monorail stop so if you need some air-con, do drop in for a quick drink or McFlurry!

Chillaxin' near Azzura Beach Club

Sun essentials

Siloso Beach at its best

No blue waters unfortunately

Palms swaying in the summer heat
*All photos taken with my blackberry, hence the crappy color
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