Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Food for the Soul (Seoul) III

Another trip to Seoul in the winter but not as many food piks as I'd have liked. Was busy going to Big Bang's Big Show 11 concert.

First lunch in Seoul; Porridge and seafood ramyun in Dongdaemun

Ramyun with rice cakes and Beef bibimbap @ Express Bus Terminal

Baskin' Robbins - Poppin Popping Bananas and Choco Ice Cream (yes, we ate ice cream out in the open cold)

Yeolbong Chicken Restaurant (se7en's shop) - spicy chicken and rice cakes rolled in seaweed. Very yummy

Yaki Soba at Lotte, Myeongdong

Side dishes along with our mains at various eateries

Some randoms of breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts (vanilla latte for the coffee fix), Kim Tak Koo bread for breakfast and Baskin' Robbins' ice cream!
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