Monday, July 05, 2010

Food for the Soul (Seoul) II

Coming back for a 2nd installation, I present to you... the food from Seoul.

Breakfast menu all in Korean, the tonkatsu i had and lastly, coffee @ Dongdaemun

Rose Tea, Cafe Latte and the Mint Choco Latte @ Hongdae

Pickled radish and tteokboki (spicy rice cake) @ Dongdaemun

Goodness that is Dunkin' Donuts Chewisty @ Myeongdong

Absolute essential of a Pork BBQ; BBQ Kimchi and the meats @ Dongdaemun

Appetizers of tofu and veggies @ Ewha Women's University

Sour soup appetizer and the accompanying kimchi @ Ewha Women's University

Braised duck at the Korean traditional porridge restaurant @ Ewha Women's University

Beef and mushroom porridge @ Ewha Women's University

Bibimbap @ Doota, Dongdaemun

Udon with bean curd skin and spicy ramen with rice cake (looks like maggi mee) @ Express Bus Terminal

Infamous Apgujeong ja jiang mian and the amazing gyoza that we ordered *fantastic stuff*

Tempura udon and Oden udon @ Enter6

Chili-ed radish and glutinous red bean rice @ Enter6

Ginseng soju and pipin' hot Ginseng Chicken soup @ Gwangwhamun Square

More pickled pickles and kimchi @ Gwangwhamun Square

Whole lot of appetizers @ Dongdaemun

Pickled chilis and my bibimbap @ Dongdaemun

Pan-fried onions pancake and chapjae (fried thin noodles) @ Dongdaemun

Do leave me a message for the address to any of the above places. I generally do not give commentaries on food but a price gauge for consumption in Seoul as follows.

Paris baguette breads and pudding: 5,000won
Typical meal for 2 in a local eating place: 9,000won
Dunkin' Donut for 2 (with drinks): 11,500won
Drinks @ Lente Doota for 2: 11,500won
Coffee Bean/Starbucks for 1: 6,000won
Ja Jiang Mian with Gyoza for 2: 14,000won
Porridge/Bibimbap meal for 2: 15,000won
Ginseng Chicken meal for 1: 26,000won
Gum + Bottled waters @ the combi: 2,500won
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ahdawn said...

Food definitely looks much better than the steamboat mania during our previous tour.. but I still don't fancy their side dishes, no matter how many forms they come in. I wanna eat the ramen tho!! :P~