Friday, January 02, 2009

Japan Hour II

The fabulous pork ramen across from the Ramada Osaka & eating strawberries by the roadside *heaveeeen

Dinner @ an Isagaya (drinking place) medium-well beef + crab claw!

Dried prawns atop the steaming hot rice + tempura that came with the soba set in Kyoto near Kiyomizu temple

Delicious sashimi + whale sperm in Kanazawa

Macha tea to go along with my manjyu in the Geisha teahouse

Hairy crab from the wet market in Omicho + my dessert of strawberry cake-y to close off the day

Size of the monster in my hand en route to Shirakawa-Go.

Some ultra potent malt beer + XL-size ramen to go with it

Mini red bean fish + sake overdose

The goodness that is wagyu beef in Ikebukuro

Onigiri and Mos Burger Fried Chicken (take that SG Mos Burger)
*side note: Japan's Mos Burger serves Wagyu Beef Burger!!!

More sashimi + poor dead 'live' lobster in Tokyo

Frosting coated bananas with rainbow sprinkles + sugar coated strawberry in Asakusa Kannon. Bad for the teeth, good for the soul

The great chef @ work, cooking more awesome wagyu beef at Ikebukuro
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