Monday, November 28, 2005

Pulau Ubin - June 2004

My first trip to Pulau Ubin at the age of 21.. Yes yes.. I know I'm suakoo. =P Went there with a bunch of uni mates for a day cycling trip. Not much to do there besides cycling. Think there's a resort of some sorts there.. but open to members only.. can't remember what club it was either. -_-

Ubin Jetty

Some old kelong looking hut by the jetty.

An uncle keeps this wild boar as a PET. And mind you, I never knew wild boars were this ruddy huge..!

Gimme more pineapple tarts! (Yep, it gets fed pineapple tarts!)

We ditched our bikes for a bit and trekked up.. somewhere. Nice view eh?
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fongie said...

That's a boar?! That looks more like a platypus, albeit too furry!

ahdawn said...

do u know how big that bugger is?? I think standing up it could be as tall as me! That'd make one king kong of a platypus... LOLz.